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Umbrella Mechanism for Madrid Pavilion

Madrid Pavilion, Shanghai, China, Foreign Office Architects, Shanghai Expo, 3Gatti Architecture Studio, corten, urbrella mechanism

3Gatti Architecture Studio will add a facade of opening and closing steel umbrellas to Foreign Office Architects’ Madrid Pavilion from the 2010 Shanghai Expo. The new cladding, designed by 3Gatti Architecture Studio of Rome and Shanghai will replace bamboo louvers that currently surround the glazed walls of the building, which was originally designed by the Foreign Office Architects, to accommodate an exhibition about low-cost housing for the world fair. The new façade of opening and closing steel umbrellas will be added to the pavilion instead of the old one that started to rot. In the words of the architects they came up with the idea because of the very sunny weather in Shanghai which forces lot of people to use umbrellas all the time, as a most common object used for sun shading.

Stormcloud at SCI-Arc

The following text, photos, and video are courtesy Oyler Wu Collaborative for their Stormcloud installation, as part of SCI-Arc's 40th anniversary celebration.

Designed and built by the office of Oyler Wu Collaborative along with students of the Southern California Institute of Architecture, Stormcloud is the third project in a series of installations designed for SCI-ARC. The previous two installations, Netscape and Centerstage, were designed for the school's graduation ceremonies in 2011 and 2012, respectively.

En Construcción: Serpentine Gallery Pavilion / Sou Fujimoto

© Laurence Mackman

La contribución de Sou Fujimoto para la décimo tercera edición Serpentine Gallery Pavilion está comenzando a tomar forma, con una geometría de “tipo de nube” que de a poco va alcanzando las copas de los árboles en el paisaje rustico de los Kensington Gardens en Londres. Hasta su finalización en Junio, los 350 metros cuadrados de estructura se fusionaran con el parque, creando un lujoso y semi-transparente terreno que albergará una serie de espacios sociales y una vibrante selección de plantas.

Más imágenes del fotógrafo Laurence Mackman a continuación.

Creative Sculpture Expressing Harmony and Beauty – Peace Pavilion in London

Between May and June 2013 make sure you visit “Peace Pavilion” exhibited in the unique settings of the Museum Gardens in Bethnal Green, London, a project which is part of the Archtriumph’s Annual Showcase “Triumph” Pavillion. This year, the pavilion’s theme was “Peace” – one of the highest human ideals, and the winning idea, chosed from hundreds of applications submitted from all over the world, has the signature of those from AZC  (Atelier Zündel Cristea), architects Irina Cristea and Grégoire Zündel.

To provide an inspirational and interactive place that speaks about the importance and benefits of peaceful co-existence around the world, where people visiting can stand, walk-through, seat around, admire and share points of view about diversity, Paris-based innovative and creative practice AZC proposed a visually and aesthetically engaging sculpture that speaks to everyone through its creative geometry.

Triumph Pavilion 2013

Crux Pavilion

JA+U: Crux Pavilion by Pezo von Ellrichshausen ©Diana Quintela / KAIROS Pavilion

Chilean architects Mauricio Pezo and Sofia von Ellrichshausen – with whom we recently created an A+U monograph – have completed their intervention at KAIROS Pavilion in Lisbon, Portugal.

JA+U: Crux Pavilion by Pezo von Ellrichshausen ©Diana Quintela / KAIROS Pavilion

JA+U: Crux Pavilion by Pezo von Ellrichshausen ©Diana Quintela / KAIROS Pavilion

Below is the architects’ description of the project:

This somehow modest yet monumental piece appears as a simple form of opposition – that substantial role of Architecture – but in a temporal and non-conclusive manner. It is a duplicated archetypal figure of two columns supporting a beam that are articulated perpendicular to each other so as to define a cross shaped plan. The dimension in section, height and span is meant to unveil the hidden asymmetry of the existing pavilion.

JA+U: Crux Pavilion by Pezo von Ellrichshausen ©Diana Quintela / KAIROS Pavilion

Noorderparkbar / Bureau SLA + Overtreders w

© Jeroen Musch

Arquitectos: Bureau SLA + Overtreders w
Ubicación: Noorderpark, Wingerdweg 185, Amsterdam, Holanda
Programa: Café + 2 Baños Públicos
Equipo de Proyecto: Sara Postkart, Ronna Gardner, Jiri Masek, Ninja Zurheide, Monique Philippo y voluntarios
Ingeniería Estructural: Pensera, Amsterdam
Construcción: Bureau SLA, Overtreders w y Jorrit vijn
Superficie: 36 m2 (+ 18 m2 terraza)
Fecha: Marzo, 2012
Fotografías: Jeroen Musch

MPavilion / Sean Godsell Architects

Conceived as a kind of southern hemisphere Serpentine Pavilion, the MPavilion has just opened its first work, a 12×12 meter kinetic box by the local architect Sean Godsell. Using the typically restrained massing of his homes as a template Godsell has then animated the space with a fully louvered skin. The pavilion is placed in the 18th century Queen Victoria Garden with Melbourne’s high rises serving as a backdrop. To be utilized for weddings and other occasions the pavilion can match the formalness of the event and weather with a simple adjustment.

The shape shifting geometry serves as a kind of all weather veranda, creating an open airy space or closed, protected, and intimate environment given the weather conditions. The pavilion excels on the summer days, scooping up a breeze from the Port Phillip Bay and cascading it down on to the guests. The materials and color pallet are also restrained to emphasize the play of shape and light of the space.

Summer pavilions built from old rope and bicycle wheels to open in New York

News: two pavilions – one made out of broken umbrellas and bicycle wheels, and one constructed from materials used in oyster cultivation – are due to be installed this summer on Governors Island in New York. (more…)

Picturesque Pavilions: 12 Experimental Temporary Structures

[ By Steph in Drawing & Digital. ]

pavilions korean 1

Each year, architects around the world design and construct temporary structures for events like the Milan Expo, showing off their skills in a setting that enables them to be more bold and experimental than they can be with more traditional architecture. Often interpreting a set theme, these pavilions use unexpected materials, play with spatial relationships and incorporate multimedia for an immersive experience.

Korea Pavilion: The Ways of Folding Space & Flying
pavilions korean 2

pavilions korean 3