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Mission Residence: Light-Filled Urban Cabin Rises from the Ashes of San Francisco’s 1906 Earthquake

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San Francisco’s Richard Johnson Design took an aging cottage made of materials salvaged from the 1906 earthquake and transformed it into a gorgeous “urban cabin” that opens up to the outdoors and welcomes in lots of natural light and cooling breezes. The tiny 1500 square foot home feels large and expansive thanks to its 16-foot-tall pitched roof, which is pierced by plentiful skylights and topped with a 2.2 KW solar photovoltaic system. Inhabitat recently had a chance to check out this amazing small space renovation during AIA SF‘s Architecture and the City Festival – read on for a look inside!

Detroit Company Develops $12,000 EcoV Electric Vehicle with New Manufacturing Model

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Detroit-based EnVironmental Transportation Solutions (EVTS) has flipped the traditional car manufacturing model on its head in order to offer a low-speed electric vehicle (LSV) that costs just $12,000. This ridiculously modest price tag is possible thanks to a low-capital-intensive business model, which is the complete opposite of the capital-intensive production methods most manufacturers rely on. According to the company website, it’s not a glorified golf cart, but something closer to an actual car. And now that LSVs are street legal in almost all 50 states, the EcoV could help many Americans save money without sacrificing safety or convenience.

World’s Greenest Cities Recognized at UN Climate Talks in Warsaw

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Some of the world’s most sustainable cities have been given special recognition at the UN climate talks underway in Warsaw. Vancouver, Cape Town, and Abu Dhabi are the winners of the World Green Building Council’s Government Leadership Awards (a competition held in partnership with ICLEI and UN-HABITAT) which this year focused on Global Excellence in Local Green Building Policy. Each winning city has been noted for policies and practices that maximize opportunities for builders and developers to mitigate their environmental impact. Take a look after the jump at what makes these three cities so special.

The Essential Farm Shed for Your Sustainable Farm

The pursuit of sustainable farming practices is the future of livestock and food production. With organic farming techniques, permaculture design methods and humane livestock management, sustainable farming can be adapted to small or large sites. Sustainable farming is also easily adapted to hobby farms, with environmentally conscious homeowners nurturing their own fresh bounties. The type of farm shed you choose for your sustainable farm will provide a long-term foundation for all your crop and livestock needs.

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A Wide Variety of Sustainable Farm Shed Uses

A high-quality farm shed will provide shelter for animals, storage for tools and dry space for livestock feed, such as hay and grain. Based on the individual needs of your farm, you can choose from a variety of farm shed sizes and materials types that are environmentally friendly and durable for many years of practical use. Open bays or enclosed rooms provide a variety of organizational options for your farm shed.

Cocoon is a Spiraling Mesh-Encased Office Nestled Into a Park in Zurich

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