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Check out leaked photos of Toyota’s all-new 2016 Prius

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Toyota is going to officially reveal the all-new fourth-generation 2016 Toyota Prius next week at an event in Las Vegas, but thanks to an early leak we now have our first peek at the new Prius. Heavily influenced by the Mirai fuel-cell vehicle, the all-new Prius aims to regain some of the market share that it has lost in the last few years with an all-new platform and an even more efficient powertrain.

Toyota Recalls 1.9 Million Prius Hybrids to Fix a Software Glitch

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Toyota has issued a recall of 1.9 million Toyota Prius hybrids to reprogram software in the third-generation Prius. The recall is needed to update a hybrid control glitch that can cause the Prius to shutdown and enter a failsafe mode. When this happens, drivers have barely enough power to pull over to the side of the road.

Ford and Hyundai Are Both Working on Prius-Killing Hybrid Cars

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The internet is abuzz with news that Ford and Hyundai are currently working on new dedicated hybrid models that will compete with the top-selling Toyota Prius. Both Ford and Hyundai do currently offer hybrid models, but none of them have been designed from the ground up as a hybrid, like the Toyota Prius has since it’s introduction in 1997.