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Dubai 2020 Expo Pavilions and Architecture

UK Pavilion. Image Courtesy of Es Devlin UK Pavilion. Image Courtesy of Es Devlin

For the Dubai 2020 Expo, the United Arab Emirates and Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, selected the theme Connecting Minds, Creating the Future. Organized around ideas of Sustainability, Mobility and Opportunity, the next world Expo will be the first to be held in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia region. Organised every five years, the world expo lasts six months and is created as a global destination for millions of people to share ideas, showcase innovation, encourage collaboration and celebrate human ingenuity.

Drone Flyover Shows Construction Progress on Disney's Star Wars Theme Parks

via Disney Parks via Disney Parks

Construction is well underway on Disney’s much anticipated Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge theme parks planned for both Disney World in Florida and Disneyland, California.

A new drone video released by Disney Parks shows that many of the California park’s landscape and architectural elements – including mountains spires, towers and domes – are already in place. Inspired by the real-world land- and cityscapes of Istanbul and Morocco, the park will evoke the Outer Rim planet of Batuu, a remote trade outpost located along old sub-lightspeed trade routes.

Attractions will include a simulation that allows you to pilot a mission on the Millenium Falcon, an immersive adventure into a battle between the First Order and the Resistance, and a version of the famous Cantina found in the city of Mos Eisley.

Check out the video below:

The Force is Strong in These 10 Immersive Star Wars Themed Interiors

[ By SA Rogers in Design & Fixtures & Interiors. ]

If your abiding love for the Star Wars franchise extends to collecting figurines but not to custom-building your own themed rooms quite yet, these projects might just kick you into that higher echelon of fandom. From parents who have built Millennium Falcon cockpit pods as beds for their kids to entire family homes filled with references to the series, these Star Wars-themed rooms and interiors definitely take it to another level.

Millennium Falcon Kid’s Bed

Electric DeepFlight Super Falcon is an Underwater Plane for the Super Rich

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Marine engineer Graham Hawkes spent his life designing submersibles for both the military and the oil and gas industry before he happened upon the idea of creating a vehicle that could ‘fly’ underwater. The resulting two-seater electric underwater plane—the DeepFlight Super Falcon—promises to move through the seas in “style, safety, and comfort,” providing unique experiences in a craft that is “[d]esigned to do barrel rolls with dolphins and spy-hop with whales.”

SpaceX rocket lifts off with the world’s first all-electric satellites

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A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket blasted off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on Sunday, sending the world’s first all-electric satellites on their way into orbit. The communications satellites, which were built by Boeing, are the first to use all-electric engines to reach and maintain orbit, and without the need to carry heavy loads of fuel, they are significantly lighter than conventional chemical-propulsion satellites.

Space X rocket fails to land, but success is still not far off

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SpaceX, Elon Musk’s space flight company, successfully launched a Falcon 9 rocket on April 14, but their plan to land the rocket on a floating barge failed when the rocket tipped over on landing. The rocket was carrying an unmanned cargo spacecraft called the Dragon. The Dragon is loaded with 4,300 pounds of supplies and is expected to deliver them to the International Space Station on April 16. Meanwhile, once the rocket and the payload separated, the goal was to land the rocket back on Earth on a floating barge. They came oh so close… until the rocket swayed and fell over.

Elon Musk says Tesla Model X will arrive as early as this September

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As per usual, Tesla CEO Elon Musk was full of exciting news at the annual shareholders meeting, held on Tuesday in Mountain View, California. The pinnacle of his speech was an update on the long-awaited Model X, an all-electric sport utility vehicle with incredible falcon-wing doors, which Musk originally promised for production in late 2013. This week, Musk said the Model X will be available as early as September of this year.