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Why Is Dryer Vent Cleaning So Important For Houston Residents?

Homeowners will always feel a strong urge to keep their homes clean and safe. They’ll go above and beyond to ensure their property is ready for anything, including a tornado, burglary and even a fire. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to prepare for some unique problems. Pure Airways is well aware of the risks of an unclean dryer vent.

Our company strongly urges all consumers to utilize our dryer vent cleaning Houston service at least once or twice a year. The experts agree that dryer vent cleaning is not optional. It is a necessity and could make the difference between life and death! Below, you will learn more about our dryer vent cleaning Houston service firm and service.

Understanding The Dryer Vent

Book and Exhibition Review: Harry Seidler

Harry Seidler: The Exhibition: Organizing, Curating, Designing, and Producing a World Tour by Vladimir Belogolovsky
Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers, 2017
Hardcover w/slipcase, 272 pages

Harry Seidler: Painting Toward Architecture curated by Vladimir Belogolovsky
Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture, CCNY
September 26 - November 22, 2017

Just as Vladimir Belogolovsky recounts a few times in Harry Seidler: The Exhibition that he learned about architect Harry Seidler (1923-2006) in 2010 from Emilio Ambasz, I first became aware of Seidler at a precise time. Although I don't recall the exact year, I was working on a proposal for a residential tower while employed at an architecture firm in Chicago. Faced with the need to do something creative with balconies, I stumbled upon the high rises Seidler had designed in Sydney. His work was a powerful precedent, since it was simultaneously logical and sensual, repetitive and flowing. This is evident in such projects as Horizon Tower, a 43-story tower completed in Sydney in 1998.

Bruce C. Bolling Municipal Building by Mecanoo | Office buildings

Mecanoo and US office Sasaki Associates have teamed up to create a new office building for the Boston Public Schools administration with community and retail space. Redevelopment of the triangular plot of ground, graced by the historic Ferdinand (1895), Curtis (1888) and Waterman (1890) Buildings, is one of the most prominent lots for the revitalization of Roxbury, located near downtown Boston. Located at Dudley Square, the neighborhood’s transportation hub and commercial center, the Ferdinand Building is the symbol for what was once the vibrant heart of Roxbury, laden with shops and jazz cafes. Mecanoo and Sasaki were selected to implement a vision that would instigate an exciting period of change in the neighborhood, reinstating a lost common neighborhood feel. Bringing the Boston Public Schools department right into the heart of Roxbury anchors the redevelopment of the neighborhood. Capitalizing on Dudley’s existing building stock the facades of the Ferdinand, Curtis and… continue

Book Review: Obra Architects Logic

Obra Architects Logic: Selected Projects, 2003 - 2016 by Jennifer Lee, Pablo Castro
B Architecture Publisher, 2016
Distributed by Idea Books
Hardcover, 416 pages

Like many others, I'm guessing, I first heard about Obra Architects, the duo of Jennifer Lee and Pablo Castro, in 2006, when they won MoMA PS1's Young Architects Program (YAP) and realized BEATFUSE! in the museum's Long Island City courtyard. Writing about it that summer (without having seen it in person, unfortunately), I described the wood and mesh construction as "more substantial coverage" than previous YAP installations and "a happy medium" between more open structures and blobby forms, the two evident poles at the time. More than other YAP winners before and since, Obra took the shade consideration of the competition to heart and produced something that actually looks like a respite from the summer heat.

Knoll's Rockwell Unscripted furniture turns offices into stage sets

Rockwell Unscripted by David Rockwell for Knoll

Dezeen promotion: architect and designer David Rockwell has used his experience in scenic design to create a range of office furniture for US brand Knoll, which allows companies to quickly reconfigure their workspaces as is often done during a theatre production. Read more

LA Library Store by Cory Grosser + Associates | Shop interiors

Dating back to the 1920's, The Los Angeles Central Library is one of the city's historic architectural and cultural treasures. It is the third largest library in the US in terms of book and periodical holdings, and is the heart of the Los Angeles Library system which serves the most diverse population of any library in America. The Library Store, a small gift shop nestled just off the main lobby, has long operated as a non-profit store where visitors can make unique purchases that directly benefit The Library Foundation, an organization that supports the public libraries of LA and the many free community services and events they provide. The design concept for The Library Store was crafted from the inevitable challenge of combining old and new when introducing modern upgrades to a building almost a century old. With a goal of addressing this juxtaposition thoughtfully and elegantly, the team came up with a lenticular design scheme, utilizing custom angled walls and display structure… continue