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6 Tips for Starting a Day Camp

If you are in charge of the games and activities for a day camp, you may want to think of some large camp group games for youth that everyone will love. Unfortunately, this is a process that can be a bit more difficult than it seems. The good news is, you are in luck. Here you can find some helpful tips to help you start a successful day camp.

  1. Figure out Who Your Target Group Is

One of the first things you need to do is figure out what group of children you want to target with your day camp program. For example, are you only going to be providing services for church members, or are all children in the community invited? Is the purpose of the camp to help out parents who work and who need child care during the summer months? If you answer these questions, you will be able to find out what type of program needs to be developed.

  1. Set Your Goals

Lean & Learn: Oblique Earthquake-Proof Bookshelf Doubles as a Climbing Wall

[ By SA Rogers in Architecture & Houses & Residential. ]

No ladders are required to get all the way to the top of this floor-to-ceiling bookshelf in a Japanese home, built into a specially designed oblique exterior wall for both easy access and earthquake resistance. Shinsuke Fujii Architects rose to the challenge of a tight lot with a smart design that uses a high ceiling, split levels and climbable surfaces to make the best possible use of every square inch of space.

Cats! Cats! Cats! 20+ Fun Feline-Focused Works of Art & Design

[ By SA Rogers in Art & Photography & Video. ]

In ancient times, after their domestication by the Egyptians, cats may have saved many humans from starvation and disease, which might help explain why we still worship them to this day. Or maybe it’s because they’re the perfect combination of haughty, mischievous, playful, mysterious and affectionate. Or maybe it’s because they’re actually controlling us through parasites transmitted by their poop. Whatever the explanation, people tend to love cats, and when we’re not busy feeding, petting, entertaining and otherwise serving them, our reverence often takes the form of art and design.

Neko Sushi

Studio Velocity

Studio Velocity
House with Retaining Wall of the Town . Mie Studio Velocity Detached house in Mie, Japan. _

Repurposed Pub: Scrappy Upcycled Micro-Brewery in Japan’s ‘Zero Waste’ Town

[ By WebUrbanist in Architecture & Offices & Commercial. ]

A new pub and brewery building has been constructed from recycled materials in Kamikatsu, a Japanese town famous for its advanced recycling program that sorts waste in 34 categories for optimal reuse.

Designed by Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP, the structure embodies the waste-reducing principles of the community, which manages to remarkable 80% recycling rate.

Prominently, one facade is constructed from windows taken from abandoned houses and doubled up to trap air and improve insulation. This community-facing elevation brings in light but also acts as an icon of sustainability for the town but also a beacon to outsiders highlighting the area’s eco-friendly endeavors.

Roadside Lights: The Quiet Beauty of Japanese Vending Machines at Night

[ By WebUrbanist in Art & Photography & Video. ]

It started on a cold and snowy night when a wandering Japanese photographer became fascinated by the way the white flakes were piling up on an ordinary vending machine on the side of a road.

Eiji Ohashi began to document these machines, set against the rural backdrops and natural landscapes of Japan, a country with the highest ratio of vending machines to humans in the world (1 to 23).

For Ohashi and others, these devices are symbols of warmth and light in the long dark winters of Hokkaido, Japan’s cold north island. They offer hot drinks to offset the nighttime chill.

Immerse Yourself in Horror: 10 Art Installations That’ll Make Your Skin Crawl

[ By SA Rogers in Art & Installation & Sound. ]

Whether you’re haunted by a fear of ghosts, gripped by night terrors involving oversized insects, or find horror in more realistically pressing matters like nuclear meltdowns and the looming environmental apocalypse, there’s something to be scared about among these extraordinarily creepy art installations.

Monster House by Christine McConnell

Artist, photographer and baker Christine McConnell, who’s well known on Instagram for her creepy culinary creations, decided to transform her parents’ house for Halloween sing materials like foam core insulation boards, lighting and a fog machine. The result, ‘Monster House,’ is pretty incredible.

Steel Mesh Kraken Sunken Off British Virgin Islands to Create an Artificial Reef

[ By SA Rogers in Destinations & Sights & Travel. ]

Perched atop the Kodiak Queen, a former WW2-era Navy fuel barge, this 80-foot ‘Kraken’ now serves as the base of an artificial reef and marine research station on the ocean floor near the British Virgin Islands. The project, entitled BVI Art Reef, accomplishes a range of goals all at once: saving a decorated ship from destruction, transplanting coral to a new site in the hopes that it will flourish, creating an epic dive site and underwater art gallery, and providing a new habitat for marine life.

KISS & Mark Up: 10 Bizarre KISS Branded Products

[ By Steve in Design & Graphics & Branding. ]

KISS and its hustling frontman Gene Simmons continue to raise the rock music merchandising bar, licensing thousands of products ranging from banal to bizarre.