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Architectural Origins, Educations and Risks; A Conversation with Steven Holl and Ed Weinstein, Part 2

[Steven Holl and Ed Weinstein, photo by BUILD LLC]

Last summer, BUILD sat down with Steven Holl and Ed Weinstein in Seattle’s Pike Place Market to discuss their humble beginnings, their common educational paths, and the life experiences that produced two distinctively successful architecture practices. For part 1 of the conversation, hop over to ARCADE Magazine, Issue 35.3, available in print and on their website.

Exploring Architectural Trends That Will Continue Through 2018

The great architects are continuously competing to see who can build the most memorable structure. With some many of these exceptional professionals in the competition, it is difficult to determine who will come out on top. What most architects look at and think about when they are in the creation mode is the future.

They will ask themselves what does the future have in store for humans and what will it be like to live in the 22nd, 23rd and 24th centuries. However, the future is a lot closure than you might think.


Breathtaking Bridges

2017 Highlights

This last post of 2017 looks back as some highlights from this year: books I read and reviewed, exhibitions I visited, buildings I visited, and news I covered. I've tried to limit the list in each category a few of each, and in some cases I've included one item from this year that I've yet to blog about but am looking forward to next year. It was a busy year for me – among other things, two books I wrote (100 Years, 100 Landscape Designs and How to Build a Skyscraper) came out – and therefore one with fewer posts than usual. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of good things to look back upon.

Books //

Secretive Urbanism: 13 Exclusive Speakeasies & Shops with Hidden Entrances

[ By SA Rogers in Destinations & Sights & Travel. ]

The bodega on the corner, your laundromat, the pawn shop down the street or the innocuous law firm entrance you pass on your way to work could be harboring secrets behind unmarked doors or bookcases. America’s modern speakeasies exist more for the thrill of discovery than hiding illicit activities, but you have to admit, it’s pretty fun to walk into a hot dog joint, enter a phone booth, pick up the phone and dial a number to gain access to an exclusive bar. All of these businesses hide behind unassuming facades, only to be found by people who are ‘in the know.’

PDT (Please Don’t Tell), New York City

Speedway Core Sample: Cylindrical Specimen Shows 108 Years of Repaved Racetrack

[ By WebUrbanist in Technology & Vehicles & Mods. ]

Core samples let geologists examine layers of the Earth, graffiti fans peel back decades of art, or in this case: allow race watchers to see what a century or so of repaved track looks like. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is one of America’s favorite and most famous racetracks, and it has changed a lot over the centuries variously paved with everything from creek gravel to bricks.

IMS president J. Douglas Boles posted this core sample with an annotated graphic giving the history of the various iterations. The thickness is relatively remarkable too, given that it represents just eight repavements over 108 years.

What to Get an Architect for Christmas [2017]

In what has become an annual “must write” post, I present to you THE definitive list of “What to Get an Architect for Christmas.” This is the 8th version of this list and I’m not going to lie, I’m starting to feel a little like Ebenezer Scrooge about the whole thing because I have unknowingly started to come up with some internal rules that govern what sort of gifts do, and do not, make my list. For the most part, I have tried to move away from do-dahs and bric-a-brac … because why? I want these gifts to be something that will live on past this particular holiday season, and that means that I focused more on longevity, purpose, and substance over style … I suppose substance AND style are preferred.

Does that make me a Scrooge? Maybe a little, but the stuff on this list isn’t meant for a 5-year-old, it’s gender-neutral, and I think most of these items your co-workers would want to steal (which, for most people, is really the measure of a desirable gift).

So on Dasher and Dancer, and Prancer, and Vixen, and … all the rest of those reindeers. Here are 43 things, one of which will surely make that irritatingly picky architect friend of yours truly happy.

Secret Spaces: 12 Architectural Easter Eggs Hidden Under Our Noses

[ By SA Rogers in Travel & Urban Exploration. ]

By now, most of us are aware of the abandoned, once-forgotten subway stations and other underground wonders hidden beneath the streets of cities around the world. There are even entire cities beneath cities, like Seattle’s Underground. But what about the more obscure secret spaces right under our noses, that we may pass every day as we go along our routines, never knowing of their existence? You could be walking over a reproduction of the Holy Land, a beautiful Art Deco time capsule, a secret canal or a (literally) underground drag racing strip without having a single clue.

Secret Entrance to the White House