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The Architecture Olympics - An architecture report from New York by Julia van den Hout

Between 1912 and 1948, the Olympic Games incorporated not only athletics but also art competitions, giving equal importance to works of architecture, painting, music, sculpture and literature.

Revealing Details

As a “trigger happy” photographer, aided by the convenience of the digital camera revolution, selecting images from my extensive archives for an exhibit is a challenge. Most recently this challenge came when I was offered a show at a prestigious design showroom in Sao Paulo as part of the BoomSPdesign/DesignWeekend. I began the assignment by gathering clues, first from the event itself. BoomSPdesign, now in its fifth year, has become known as a gathering of high profile designers and architects.

Soothing Bedroom Paint Ideas

Nowadays everything seems to be changing rather quickly, but it is quite reassuring that house interior décor trends move perhaps slightly more leisurely. Choosing the most appropriate paint colours for your home interior isn’t an easy task and certainly something that after all it’s a matter of personal taste. A new colour scheme with some accessories can really transform your bedroom into a personal heaven, giving it a totally different look.

My Micro NY

Today at the Museum of the City of New York, Mayor Bloomberg announced the winner of the adAPT NYC competition for a micro-unit apartment building in Kips Bay.