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Tech Typography: An Entire Alphabet of Electronics Shaped Like Letters

[ By SA Rogers in Design & Graphics & Branding. ]

Can you think of an iconic electronic object for every letter of the alphabet? A for Apple, B for Bose, C for Canon, D for Dell and so on, all the way to Z? Graphic designer Vinicius Araujo found the most obvious (and satisfying) answer for all 26 letters and crafted them into renderings of appropriately shaped electronics. The series, which he calls ‘36days Electronics,’ is based on the Helvetica typeface.

Apple Store Opens in Chicago

Today the Apple Michigan Avenue store opens to the public. Designed by Norman Foster, the store replaces the older Bohlin Cywinski Jackson store a few blocks up Michigan Avenue. Like other recent Apple stores around the world, this one is more lightweight, transparent and outwardly simpler than older stores.

[All photographs courtesy of Apple]

The store is also a symbol of Chicago's move toward the river, something it has been doing with the Chicago Riverwalk (south side of the river, roughly between Michigan Avenue and Lake Street) and projects like this one on the north side of the river and the new CAF location opening across the river from Apple next year.

A Few Steps Higher: 14 Unusually Artistic Modern Staircase Designs

[ By SA Rogers in Design & Fixtures & Interiors. ]

Stairs are inherently utilitarian, but some architects choose to really step up their interiors with highly sculptural designs that make you want to walk up and down a bunch of times. Cantilevered creations, floating stairs, spirals made of stone and zig-zagging graphic designs add both literal and figurative movement to these apartments, museums, offices and shops.

Stone and Wire in London by Groupwork + Amin Taha

Scientists Use Bees to Fight Fruit Tree Fire Blight

green design, eco design, sustainable design, fire blight, fire blight prevention, bees, Vienna University of Technology

Apple and pear trees are often at risk for fire blight, but unfortunately by the time a tree shows signs of disease, it is too late, and surrounding arbors have already been infected. Researchers at the Vienna University of Technology have found a way to detect the early onset of fire blight with the help of bees. After bees visit the blossoms on fruit trees, they then return to the hive, bringing the fire blight bacteria with them. Now isolated, scientists can then test the hive for fire blight DNA, catching disease before it ravages entire orchards.

Tesla Motors Snags Apple’s VP Doug Field to Lead Vehicle Development

tesla, apple, tesla motors, apple computers, elon musk, electric cars, doug field, vehicle development, hardware engineering, tesla model x, tesla model e

Tesla Motors is making waves in the automotive industry with a recent acquisition that makes its nickname the “Apple of carmakers” even more credible. The electric car giant announced yesterday that they have hired Doug Field, Apple’s hardware engineering VP for the Mac line-up of notebooks and desktops, to lead vehicle development. In Thursday’s statement, Field says he never thought about leaving Apple until Tesla came along and offered him the opportunity “to pursue the dream of building the best cars in the world.”