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A Few Steps Higher: 14 Unusually Artistic Modern Staircase Designs

[ By SA Rogers in Design & Fixtures & Interiors. ]

Stairs are inherently utilitarian, but some architects choose to really step up their interiors with highly sculptural designs that make you want to walk up and down a bunch of times. Cantilevered creations, floating stairs, spirals made of stone and zig-zagging graphic designs add both literal and figurative movement to these apartments, museums, offices and shops.

Stone and Wire in London by Groupwork + Amin Taha

Apple Supplier Pegatron Accused of Employing Minors and Imposing Overtime

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US-based non-profit China Labor Watch has just issued a report which finds that three factories making Apple products impose excessive overtime on their workers and employ minors. The advocacy group said on Monday that the plants, run by the Pegatron Group violated Apple’s own standards for workers’ rights. According to the report, 70,000 employees at the three Pegatron sites work an average of 69 hours a week, “many of whom” are minors, while some other workers are interns from vocational schools.

Apple's Big Curved Glass

Mashable reports that approximately 900 of the 3,000 glass panes have been installed on the facade of the "spaceship," aka Apple Campus 2 designed by Norman Foster. More striking than the fact the glass is reportedly 10-1/2 feet tall by 46-feet long... that each piece is curved to fit the circular building. Sedak, a subsidiary of seele, which supplied the large glass panes for Apple's v2 Fifth Avenue Store, produced the glass for Apple Campus 2.

[Sedak's autoclave]

Sedak actually boasts of being able to produce "tempered, laminated, coated, printed, and insulating products in formats of up to 3.3m x 16m (10ft 6in x 52ft 5.9in)," so Apple's glass is a bit on the small side.

Customizable Apple Accessories Offer New Self Expressions / Uncommon

Launched in 2009, Uncommon‘s mission is to offer its clients the option to individualize Apple product accessories with unique designs. Currently, customers have the option to print their own digital photos or featured designs by a selection of artists onto their accessories. Uncommon is the first manufacturer to offer mass customization with proprietary 3D TATT® printing on plastic to customers. Clients may also buy ready-made cases.  For an average price of $40, Uncommon features case designs that are not commonly available in the market.

Architecture publication CLOG releases gorgeous "SCI-FI" issue

Rod Serling, creator of the 1950s television series "The Twilight Zone", defined science fiction as "the improbable made possible." The same might be said for the practice of architecture. After all, architects by trade conceive of spaces, places, and worlds that do not (yet) exist. Furthermore, the ability to make the improbable possible is held in especially high regard today and is oftentimes what defines an architectural practice as “innovative” in the first place. Contemporary architecture publication CLOG has released its seventh issue, SCI-FI. In the digital glow of the internet age, architectural discourse has become both bountiful and ephemeral, oftentimes muddling the lay of the land. In response, “CLOG slows things down. Each issue explores, from multiple viewpoints and through a variety of means, a single subject particularly relevant to architecture now. Succinctly, on paper, away from the distractions and imperatives of the screen.” With its precise curation and focused content, CLOG’s SCI-FI examines the mutually-affecting relationship between architecture and science fiction in a variety of ventures. SCI-FI honors this “two-way artistic influence between architecture and science fiction” while provoking readers to consider future architectural aesthetics and the aesthetics of futurism. Previous issues have showcased themes surrounding BIG, Apple, and Brutalism. SCI-FI features over forty contributors from the architecture world ...

Laptop/Rooftop: Chicago Apple Store is Crowned with a Giant MacBook

[ By SA Rogers in Architecture & Offices & Commercial. ]

Construction is in full swing on Chicago’s new Apple store by Foster + Partners, revealing a surprise design feature that wasn’t visible in the firm’s early renderings: a gigantic MacBook for a roof. When the project was initially unveiled in 2015, the drawings depicted a sleek two-story structure with river views, glass walls and a slimline roof canopy that looks like it’s precariously balancing on slender supports. But construction crews recently added a shiny metallic silver finish to that canopy – and a familiar white Apple logo.