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Inhabitat is Now on Google+!

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Hey, Inhabireaders! We’ve just launched our Google+ page and we’re hoping that you’ll join us in sharing the latest and greatest in green design and technology with the world. We’ll be posting our favorite Inhabitat stories here throughout the day, in addition to other breaking news and cool stuff we find across the web and through our readers (that’s you). Join in on the action and follow us here!

El Estilo de Google a la Vanguardia con su Renovada Sede en Madrid

Desde que Google obtuvo algo de reputación por sus oficinas, no nos sorprende para nada la última renovación de su Sede Central en Madrid, la cual destaca su estilo y está llena de colores intrépidos....

Fun and Attractive Open Office, eBay – GittiGidiyor in Istanbul

Further to our posts related to great companies’ offices design, today we want to share with you another appealing and colorful office design belonging this time to Ebay- GittiGidiyor in Istanbul, Turkey. We don’t know if you have noticed an interesting fact, namely that one of the elements that great international companies’ offices have in common when we refer to their office designs is playfulness translated through colour as well as through creative and ingenious ideas of decorations, graphics and furnishings.

‘Cow Power’ Explores How Vermont Is Turning Turds Into a Treasured Energy Resource

Dairy farms are going out of business all across the United States, but in Vermont, citizens have banded together to support family farms by turning cow manure into a form of renewable energy. Cow Power is a new documentary by Allison Gillette that explores how the state of Vermont is turning waste into treasure by collecting manure and then biodigesting it to generate electricity. So far, the project can generate enough energy to power 400 homes while reducing methane emissions from livestock—and the founders believe the initiative could eventually generate upwards of 10% of the nation’s energy needs. If you’d like to check out this inspiring documentary, you can watch it today on iTunes or Google Play, and it will be coming to Netflix in the next few months.

+ Cow Power

A Hidden Gem in a Westport Forest

Over the weekend, with the help of a friend's car, I decided to take my wife and daughter to Grace Farms, the SANAA building in New Canaan, Connecticut, that I was able to visit (and write about) when it opened in 2015. But on the way there we first stopped to see Victor Lundy's First Unitarian Church in Westport, which I learned about the day before when a quick Google search for "modern Connecticut architecture" brought me to the Westport Historical Society. The image of the church on that page – like a viking ship moored in a forest – was enough to convince me to visit.
First Unitarian Church

In reality the building does not disappoint. But before reaching the peak of the roof nestled amongst the trees, as in the photo above, we had to walk from the parking lot past two classroom wings that extend in a "V" formation from the sanctuary space. From here, the building felt much like a resort, with its low-slung roof, stone walls, subtly curved glulam beams, and deep overhangs protecting the glass walls.
First Unitarian Church