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Studio Cadena Unveils "Happy" Installation in New York's Flatiron Plaza

Happy. Image © Benjamin Cadena Happy. Image © Benjamin Cadena

Studio Cadena’s Happy installation has been unveiled in New York's Flatiron Plaza. The project is the winner of the fifth annual Design Competition hosted by the Flatiron/23rd Street Partnership Business Improvement District (BID) and Van Alen Institute. As the centerpiece of the annual holiday program, the installation was selected by a jury with expertise across the worlds of design and public art, including representatives from the Flatiron Partnership, New York City DOT Art, and Van Alen Institute’s board of trustees.

Words on the Street: Art, Architecture, and the Public Protest

Barricades in the streets of Bordeaux during the May 1968 protests in France. ImageCourtesy of Wikimedia Barricades in the streets of Bordeaux during the May 1968 protests in France. ImageCourtesy of Wikimedia

This article was originally published as "What Marchers Today Can Learn from the May 1968 Protests in Paris" on CommonEdge in May 2018. In the 50 years since the historic and worldwide protests of 1968, much has changed. But today's political climate seems equally volatile, with seismic changes threatening social and political establishments across the globe. Lessons from the past are, to borrow the phrase of the moment, more relevant than ever.

American friends recently sent an email: “What’s going on with the French political system? Why all the strikes? What about the endless protest marches? We’d like to visit you in Paris, but we’re a little wary.”

Link Rot: ‘Social Decay’ Renders Tech Media Giants as Urban Abandonments

[ By WebUrbanist in Abandoned Places & Architecture. ]

Physical businesses that fall on hard times often leave signs in the built environment, like the distinctive facades of deserted or adapted Pizza Huts, but what might social media sites look like in a post-apocalyptic, non-digital world?

For that matter, many giants, from Yahoo! to MySpace, have already crumbled and been replaced. But in this series, graphic artist Andrei Lacatusu imagines the still-strong and thriving leaders of the pack in a future state of disrepair.

Like abandoned offices, retail stores, gas stations or movie theaters, signs for Google, Instagram, Facebook, Tinder, Twitter and Pinterest are seen withered, cracked and eroded by the elements over time. 404 Error: Business Not Found.

Nice Slice: 30+ Sculptures & Illustrations Created with Cut Paper

[ By SA Rogers in Art & Sculpture & Craft. ]

Hand most people some paper and an X-acto knife and ask them to make art, and at best, they’ll produce some cartoonish shapes spattered with blood. But these twelve artists are producing some of the world’s most impressive papercut art, whether by laboring over astonishingly intricate tapestries for months at a time or making use of clever minimalism for a surprisingly big impact.

Sea Creatures by Kiri Ken

Cemento Bío Bío: Hormigón Ultra Rápido, Morteros Dry Mix

Drymix nos presenta Hormigón Ultra Rápido, un producto que desarrolla elevadas resistencias a cortas edades como solución para faenas donde se requiere una rápida puesta en servicio o dar al tránsito vehicular en corto tiempo como por ejemplo:

- Hormigonar fundaciones para maquinaria y pilares de galpones, rejas y cobertizos, fundaciones para pilares de señalética y defensas camineras.
- Pisos, sobrelosas o radieres de locales comerciales. Marcos y tapas de registros (alcantarillado, electricidad, agua potable,telefonía, etc.).
- Reparaciones en pavimentos de aeropuertos, interior de minas y pavimentos tradicionales.

Es una mezcla cementicia predosificada en seco que desarrolla elevadas resistencias en cortas edades. Todos sus componentes son objeto de un control de calidad sistemático basado en la norma NCh 2256/1.


• Desarrolla elevadas resistencias en cortas edades.
• Tránsito garantizado a las 2 hrs.
• Permite montaje de maquinaria y estructuras a las pocas horas.
• Las reparaciones en la vía pública se pueden dar al tránsito en pocas horas.
• Permite un importante ahorro de tiempo con los costos que esto puede significar en una obra.
• Optimización de materias primas, al tratarse de un hormigón que ya contiene cemento, áridos y aditivos.
• Su resistencia está garantizada (500 Kg/cm2 a 28 días)


Edificio de Viviendas Agrupadas / Ana Smud + Estudio Rietti Smud

Cortesía de Ana Smud

Arquitectos: Estudio Rietti Smud, Ana Smud
Ubicación: Russel 5058, Buenos Aires, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Proyectista A Cargo: Ana Smud
Equipo: Agustina Falcon, Daniel Zelcer, Matias Rebusone, Nicolas Fernandez Sanz.
Área: 400.0 m2
Año Proyecto: 2012
Fotografías: Cortesia de Ana Smud

Douglas Street / Wolveridge Architects

© Ben Hosking

Arquitectos: Wolveridge Architects
Ubicación: Douglas Street, Toorak , Australia
Equipo De Práctica: Jerry Wolveridge, Tjeerd van der Vliet, Sina Petzold
Director De Construcción: Smart and Cain
Ingeniería Civil/Estructural: Coulthard Shim
Topógrafo: Nepean Building Permits
Año: 2011
Fotografías: Ben Hosking

Casa Binh Thanh / Vo Trong Nghia Architects + Sanuki + Nishizawa architects

© Hiroyuki Oki

Arquitectos: Vo Trong Nghia Architects, Sanuki + Nishizawa architects
Ubicación: Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Arquitecto A Cargo: Vo Trong Nghia, Shunri Nishizawa, Daisuke Sanuki
Superficie Terreno: 140 m2
Área: 516.0 m2
Año: 2013
Fotografías: Hiroyuki Oki

‘The Poetics of Boxes’, una exhibición del trabajo de Mathias Klotz

September 13, 2013 0:00toOctober 17, 2013 0:00

© Roland Halbe

Con la exhbición de “The Poetics of Boxes” Aedes presenta la primera exposición monográfica en Europa del trabajo de Mathias Klotz desde Santiago de Chile, quien es actualmente uno de los arquitectos chilenos más exitosos internacionalmente.