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Houses to Human Hearts: 13 Recent Breakthroughs in 3D-Printed Designs

[ By SA Rogers in Conceptual & Futuristic & Technology. ]

When 3D printers are widely accessible and affordable, will we see another industrial revolution, enabling us to manufacture just about everything we need on demand? Progress made in 3D printing thus far looks promising. Designers, engineers, architects and even novices are printing everything from fully functional human hearts and custom biodegradable shoes to full-scale architecture and bicycle bridges. One designer even printed himself a large-format camera based on three models he couldn’t afford.

Beating Artificial Heart

Prefab Plyscraper: World’s Tallest Timber Building Tops Out at 173 Feet

[ By WebUrbanist in Architecture & Public & Institutional. ]

On the University of British Columbia’s campus in Vancouver, a new record-setting wood structures highlights the many advantages of a growing trend: vertical timber construction. Brock Commons Tallwood house is the highest of its kind to date, providing housing for over 400 students.

The Canadian firm behind its construction, Acton Ostry Architects Inc, says that using wood allowed for a much faster building process. Offsite testing of wood-to-wood connections and structural stability meant less time onsite spent figuring things out. Combined with prefabrication techniques, these approaches helped the builders finish the tower in just 70 days.

Eisenhower Family Still Unhappy with Gehry’s Memorial Design

The Eisenhower family approves of recent changes but remains unhappy with the large metal tapestries.

BIBLIO-Centrum in Helsinki, Finland / by d INKOFF

BIBLIO-Centrum – from the Greek word for book and the Latin word for center – will be Helsinki’s new “book center” or “book central”, a focal point for the most prominent facilities of the city: Parliament, the Helsinki Music Centre, the Finland Opera House, the Kiasma Museum, Sanoma House, and the central railway station.

Modern Industrial Maracanã House in Sao Paulo

Searching for a place where it can be experienced the idea of ​​elementary residence, Terra E Tuma Architects in Brazil designed this modern industrial house in Sao Paulo, a town whose contemporaneity is able to put in front of the most extraordinary urban contrasts, proving to be an encouraging condition to inhabit it.

Circle Mesh, Banker Wire

BankerWire-CircleMesh_HERO.jpg(90) Metal mesh is no longer limited to rectangular patterns.

New Study Shows Rich People’s Bodies Are Filled With Unique Toxins

health, toxic burden, chemical footprint, socioeconomic differences, rich vs poor, toxin exposure, bpa, mercury, heavy metal exposure, chemicals in sunscreen, oxybenzone, cigarettes, smoking, packaged foodsSushi photo from Shutterstock

It’s no secret that most adults in the US are bombarded with pollutants on a daily basis. But a recent study in Environment International has found that the chemical footprint of rich people’s bodies is very different from the toxins found in the middle and lower class. The study found that levels of mercury, arsenic, cesium, and thallium were all higher in more affluent subjects.