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Ten Courtyard House / Atelier ZAI

Public courtyard. Image © Kunpeng Liu Public courtyard. Image © Kunpeng Liu

Innovation Lab / AIM Architecture

© Dirk Weiblen © Dirk Weiblen
  • Architects: AIM Architecture
  • Location: Huiyang, Huizhou, Guangdong, China
  • Lead Architect: Wendy Saunders, Vincent de Graaf
  • Design Team: Arpad Bercek, Davide Signorato, Jovana Petrovic, Jiao Yan, Leslie Chen, Michael Hankiewicz, Peichin Lee
  • Project Architect: Nicolas Herrgott
  • Project Management: Cindy Xu
  • Client: China Resources Group
  • Area: 700.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2018
  • Photographs: Dirk Weiblen
© Dirk Weiblen © Dirk Weiblen

Text description provided by the architects. One of the biggest challenges for industries is keeping up with the pace of growth and innovation. China Resources Group is one of the largest Chinese conglomerates with a wide spread reach and a diversity of industries. 

Shuangxi Academy / Duoxiangjie Architectural Design

© Weiqi Jin © Weiqi Jin

Hall of the Starry Night & Sunflowers / Atelier DL

© Haiting Sun © Haiting Sun

Curving shades arch over terraces of Chongqing housing development by Safdie Architects

Eling Residences by Safdie Architects

Moshe Safdie's firm has completed a set of stepped homes on a hill overlooking the Yangtze River in Chongqing, China. Read more

MIYA | LOSTVILLA Huchen Barn Resort / Ares Partners

Main road. Image © Shengliang Su Main road. Image © Shengliang Su

Renovation of Cotton Lab in Changzhou / Atelier Archmixing

Interior of ‘Cotton Lab’. Image © Shengliang Su, Qingshan Wu Interior of ‘Cotton Lab’. Image © Shengliang Su, Qingshan Wu
  • Architects: Atelier Archmixing
  • Location: Xinbei,Changzhou. Jiangsu, China
  • Architect In Charge: Shen Zhuang, Hao Ren, Yu Tang, Jie Zhu
  • Design Team: Shen Zhuang, Yu Tang, Jie Zhu, Di Wang, Jian Deng, Yang Ye, Shiyu You, Haochen Zhang, Jiahong Li, Ye Xu(Intern), Weinan Zhou (Intern)
  • Area: 6300.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2018
  • Photographs: Shengliang Su, Qingshan Wu
  • Structural Engineer: Shanghai Wildness Structural Des. Firm Inc. (General Partnership) / Yewei Zhang, Weiwei Yu, Qiuyun Li, Yongqian Xu
  • Mechanical And Electrical Consultant: Xueyuan Jiao, Yang Cao, Renjie Lu, Jian Shen
  • Constructor: Changzhou Haige Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. / Qiang Liao, Aiming Zhou, Tao He
  • Wood Structure Constructor: Shanghai SKF Builder / Ping Ge, Xiaojun Zhuang, Xiangqian Zhou, Xiaoli Gong, Rongrong Xu

Road Grip: Vietnam’s Golden Bridge Is One Handy Span

[ By Steve in Architecture & Public & Institutional. ]

You’re in good hands when you walk the recently opened Golden Bridge in the Ba Na Hills – two humongous hands carved from stone, to be exact.

Some say driving in Vietnam is a gripping experience… don’t even ask about walking. Until now, that is, and for that we can thank the eye-popping, jaw-dropping, finger-lickin’-good (OK, don’t try licking these fingers) Golden Bridge. The 150-meter (just under 500-ft) long pedestrian walkway forms a nearly-closed loop, offering visitors a leisurely yet visually-enriching route from the resort’s cable car station to the lush Avatar Gardens.

Spotlight: Jean Nouvel

© Iwan Baan © Iwan Baan

The winner of the Wolf Prize in 2005 and the Pritzker of 2008, French architect Jean Nouvel has attempted to design each of his projects without any preconceived notions. The result is a variety of projects that, while strikingly different, always demonstrate a delicate play with light and shadow as well as a harmonious balance with their surroundings. It was this diverse approach that led the Pritzker Prize Jury in their citation to characterize Nouvel as primarily "courageous" in his "pursuit of new ideas and his challenge of accepted norms in order to stretch the boundaries of the field."

White Comedy of Xi’an Zhongshu Bookstore by Wutopia Lab | Shop interiors

Wutopia Lab recently designed an entirely white Zhongshu Bookstore in Xi’an, one of the most ancient cities in China which used to be the capital for thirteen dynasties, with 300 tons of steel and 30,000 meters of light strips. We aborted our design of a direct entry into the bookstore, and created a glittering entrance in the commercial space on the fourth floor; this required to make free of the floor slab of fifth floor into the main area of the bookstore without destroying the main structure. We built a pillarless white curvy staircase, highlighted by a spiral white panel, surrounded by custom-made white acrylic walls. Readers coming from their everyday life, heading up the stairs step by step, and are encouraged by the spirit of knowledge and curiosity displayed through the books around them to enter the bookstore over the clouds. The basic space of the bookstore consists of popular book recommendation areas and public reading areas. We decided to make a reading paradise ove… continue