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Cog-Polis For Liquid Modernity

Editors’ Choice
2018 Skyscraper Competition

He Jianqiao

Socialist Zygmunt Bauman introduced the idea of liquid modernity; he described its characteristics as “increasing feelings of uncertainty and the privatization of ambivalence”. It is a kind of chaotic continuation of modernity, where a person can shift from one social position to another in a fluid manner. Nomadism becomes a general trait of the ‘liquid modern’ man as he flows through his own life like a tourist, changing places, jobs, spouses, values and sometimes more—such as political or sexual orientation—excluding himself from traditional networks of support, while also freeing himself from the restrictions or requirements those networks impose.

Lotus Skyscraper: Urban Water Security in Megacities

Editors’s Choice
2018 Skyscraper Competition

Christopher Pin, Timothy Lai

“Though technological processes are intrinsic when discussing a strategy for urban water sustainability, it will play a minor factor in the overall design.  Lotus seeks to strengthen public awareness of the fragility of Urban Fresh Water.”

Revival Tower

Editors’ Choice
2018 Skyscraper Competition

Tomasz Wagner, Marta Jagoda, Agnieszka Dominik

Safe and proper utilization of wastes, which contains dangerous components, is  a challange for many industrialized countires. Developed countires produce more and more rubbish and instead of dealing with difficulties concerning proper disposal of wastes they export it to the countires of Third World, where processing of used electronics is the least expensive. Transfering wastes to the countries of Third World is forbidden by international law.

Utopian City

Editors’ Choice
2018 Skyscraper Competition

Chi-Jen Wang
United Kingdom

The Reciprocal Utopia City project is a renewable energy city in the sky.  It forms a cloud-like structure rising into the sky to 1,100 meters high and parallel to New York City.

The focus of this project is consists of two parts. How architecture can serve as a mechanism to facilitate escapism, in the context of the domination of capitalism, taking it as a strategic site to study. Meanwhile, it explores the new way of imaging renewable energy system by using potential technology.

The Situationist International once described a dream society: New Babylon. The Nomadic city develops the idea of a “traveling metropolis”, a package that infiltrates temporarily into a community. The mobility of architecture.  “It is obvious that a person is free to use his time for the whole of his life, free to go where he wants, when he wants, cannot make the greatest use of his freedom in a world ruled by the clock and the imperative of a fixed abode.”

A society without work.
A place without a clock.
A dream that allows you to be truly free.