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Improving I-95

On a recent round-trip drive from NYC to DC, I noticed a rest stop on the side of I-95 closed for reconstruction. At another rest stop a pamphlet described the new designs of two "travel plazas," as they're called: Chesapeake House and Maryland House. Given the sad state of highway architecture in the United States, I was taken aback by the quality of the architecture. Both travel plazas are designed by Ayers Saint Gross and are presented below in before and after states without comment.

Today's archidose #662

Here are some photos of the Centro de Innovación Deportiva (Sports Innovation Center, 2008) in Guijo de Granadilla, Spain, by José Maria Sánchez García, photographed by Ximo Michavila.

Javits Plaza v3.0

I've written about Jacob Javits Plaza—the public space at the corner of Lafayette and Worth Streets in Lower Manhattan—many times.


I stopped by Grand Central Terminal this morning to check out HEARD•NY, a project by artist Nick Cave, with Creative Time and students from the Alvin Ailey School. Here is a slideshow of some photos—the shots are handheld, but I cropped them in Photoshop so the clock face is always in the same place. As you can see by the movement of the minute-hand, the most intense parts of the dance happen about 10 minutes after the dancers come in and suit up; that's when the drumming starts and the "soundsuits" flail.

Today's archidose #661

Here are some photos of the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts Arnhem, Netherlands, by BiermanHenket Architecten (2004), photographed by Chris Schroeer-Heiermann.

Faculty of Theatre and Dance