DF Nathan Jones unveils "Analog OAN" in Cameroon

You may have heard of the Open Architecture Network. It's the online, open-source platform we use to post all of our projects, and track their progress. The OAN (now transitioning to an expanded platform called Worldchanging) is a Design Fellow's best friend...unless you're Nathan Jones.

Nathan is leading design and construction of the Besongabang Football for Hope Centre in Cameroon. In the heart of the Cameroon jungle. Limited access to internet and intermittent electricity outages "come with the territory" of being a Design Fellow, but Nathan surely feels the heaviest brunt of these limitations. Where he works there may not be power for days, and he does as much as he can on a charged laptop before it winds down, and uploads images to the project page when the opportunity arises. He's also know around headquarters for relying on his satellite phone when email's out.

But Nathan's found a way to bring his work to the world...and to bring the Open Architecture Network to Besongabang.

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