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Peter Rich on his recent work

Dedicated to the creation of authentic, contemporary African architecture, South African architect Peter Rich strives to create places that are meaningful, and uplifting for all who occupy them.

Hope City

One of the most ambitious and amazing construction projects in the world is about to begin in Ghana. Dubbed, "Hope City" a $10 billion project intended to make the West African nation an international hub of high tech innovation. The mega-structure that will form the core of the city is unique in its design.


Ethiopian Airlines Headquarters

As one of Africa’s largest and most successful airlines, Ethiopian Airlines calls for a new headquarters was answered by the winning entry which addressed the needs of its growth and dynamic operations. The design, now under construction and scheduled for completion in 2013, was submitted by a collaboration between BET Architects in Addis, Ababa, and Austria’s Söhne & Partner Architekten. 2010_12_22_SUP_ethiopia_day_0001

L’Assemblée Radieuse (Radiant Assembly)

With a dramatically slanted roof, rising on a hilldside in Librevile, Gabon, this assembly hall design incorporates Gabon’s vibrant ecology to create a striking expression of a Gabon Vert (Green Gabon). L’Assemblée Radieuse will serve as an architectural landmark situated amidst the stunning hillsides of the capital city, reflecting Gabon’s emerging leadership in the region’s political and environmental affairs, while celebrating the country’s resources and its potential to lead Africa into a new era. workac_gabon-entrance_1000web

Addis Ababa National Stadium

Football and athletics-loving Ethiopians will have a new FIFA and Olympic-standard 60,000 seat stadium in Addis Ababa thanks to a competition winning design combining local identity with new technology. ADDIS-ABABA-STADIUM-AND-SPORTS-CITY2

Chipata Hospice

ELstudio and Blok Kats van Veen Architects were tasked by Foundation Chipata with designing a hospice that would not only relieve some of the distress of caring for the terminally ill, but also introduce a low cost and solution that could be easily replicated at low cost. elstudio_chipata_01