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Soccer City Stadium

Designed to have the appearance of a Calabash, or an African pot, Soccer City is currently the largest stadium in Africa. soccercity-day One of the most artistic and awe-inspiring football venues on the African continent, the newly-reconstructed Soccer City Stadium was host to the first and final matches of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Learning Landscape

Project H Design, a San Francisco based non profit, completed an amazing project playground project in Uganda. Design fellows Dan Grossman and Heleen de Goey built a mathematics playground for the students of the Kutamba AIDS Orphans School. The grid, made from reclaimed tires and ten math games, comprise a system called the Learning Landscape, which combines education and play to teach basic math concepts in an engaging way. phlandscape-ed01

Royal Netherlands Embassy

A stunning example of a building concept that responds to its cultural and ecological surroundings, the Royal Netherlands Embassy in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa, reflects a convergence of cultures, and collaboration between Ethiopian and Dutch architects. The guiding principle in the construction of the project was a respect for place while addressing the functional requirements of a working embassy, resulting in a contemporary structure that fully engages its local environment.

Le Medi

Le Medi is a Dutch neighbourhood consisting of 93 dwellings in the Rotterdam district of Bospolder. The object of this housing development was to create a residential block with characteristics of Moroccan and Mediterranean dwellings that are in complete harmony with the contemporary needs of housing consumers in terms of both individuality and the design and interpretation of residential wishes. le_medi_09_big_ready It is the combined result of a well travelled architect, a local visionary with immigrant roots, and a growing urban demographic increasingly embracing global tastes and influences.


Designed by African-American designer Stephen Burks and presented by Italian furniture maker Moroso at the 2009 Milan Design Week, the M'Afrique exhibition aims to use furniture as the vehicle to showcase the aesthetic influences and diversity of the continent with the creativity of a few of the great artists and exponents of contemporary African culture.


Using works by visual artists, photographers, interior designers, industrial designers, poets, and architects, the exhibition was the first to compile multiple disciplines in creation a complete and stunning collection.

Kampala Serena

Uganda's natural beauty inspires a sophisticated design approach to one of Africa's most elegant hotel properties. Situated in Kampala, the land-locked country's bustling capital, the Kampala Serena Hotel blends indigenous themes with careful attention to the hotel chain's 5 Star details. Waterfall cascading into Pool