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Jungle in the City: Wild Urban Biome Skyscraper Design

[ By Steph in Architecture & Cities & Urbanism. ]

jungle skyscraper 1

Suspended aquariums, snowy landscapes, jungles and caves can all be found in the heart of the city, steps away from dense urban housing, in the middle of this wild skyscraper concept. Winner of eVolo magazine’s 2015 skyscraper competition, ‘Essence’ by BOMP re-introduces nature to heavily developed areas with eleven diverse landscapes built right into its core.

jungle skyscraper 3

The futuristic urban tower design aims to be a secret garden in the middle of the city, combining architecture and nature within an environment where wildlife and greenery are rarely found outside of parks. “The main goal of this project is to position non-architectural phenomena in an urban fabric,” say the designers.

Assembled in 3 Days: Biggest Cargo Container Restaurant in US

[ By WebUrbanist in Architecture & Offices & Commercial. ]

cargo container riverside building

Comprised of 19 shipping containers, this record-breaking restaurant has reclaimed a riverside wasteland in the River Arts District of Asheville, North Carolina, turning a brownfield site into an eatery accessible by boats, buses, bikes, pedestrians and, of course, cars.

cargo container assembly process

The Smoky Park Supper Club was put together in just a few days, its various modules modified offsite then shipped in by truck for assembly. The project’s architects boast that energy cost of melting down used containers is close to 20 times what it takes to simply adapt them for reuse.

Collaborative Construction: Aerial Drone-Built Architecture

[ By WebUrbanist in Gadgets & Geekery & Technology. ]

weaving architecture in air

Unmanned aerial vehicles can do more than just take pictures, pick up and drop off objects – they can also work together to create solid structures, built brick by brick or even woven in midair.

drone architectural construction structure

drone finished wall project

Gamer Geek Wearables: 12 8-Bit Fashion & Decor Designs

[ By Steph in Gaming & Computing & Technology. ]

8-bit sleeve 1

If you’ve always wished you could step inside an old 8-bit game or computer, outfitting yourself and your home in these pixelated designs is about as close as you’re likely to get. Make your own post-it mural, throw on a pair of extra-geeky glasses, strap a clock icon watch to your wrist and even assemble a real-life replica of an early Microsoft Windows trash can.

8-Bit Fashion by Kunihilo Morinage

8-bit fashion 1

8-bit fashion 3

8-bit fashion 2

Settlers of Chernobyl: Self-Contained, Fallout-Absorbing City

[ By WebUrbanist in Conceptual & Futuristic & Technology. ]

pripyat self contained city

Despite warnings about dangerous radiation and an ongoing project to cap and contain further fallout, many families have already taken up residence around Ukraine’s famous failed nuclear reactor – this skyscraper would enable them to do so safely. The skin of the building provides more than just shelter, glowing like a grounded aurora as it captures and processes radiation.

pripyat design soluiton

Beautiful Bacteria: Infectiously Intricate Paper Cut Art

[ By Steph in Art & Sculpture & Craft. ]

bacteria paper cut 1

Few people outside of research scientists are quite so well-acquainted with the bacteria that grows inside the human body as artist Rogan Brown, who spends up to four months studying, cutting and assembling his paper reproductions of microbes and pathogens.

bacteria paper cuts 11

The series ‘Outbreak,’ completed in 2014, was inspired by a meeting with a group of microbiologists planning a new exhibition center focusing on the human microbiome, and its exhibition just happened to coincide with the deadly ebola outbreak last summer, when everybody had infectious diseases on the brain.