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Woodhouse by Solarlux reference projects | Manufacturer references

Following in nature’s footsteps Wooden bi-folding door connects home with the forest outside Wilderness and silence, power and force, diversity and excitement – all this and more can be found in a dense forest. Property in the heart of Mother Nature has a unique appeal, offering freedom from the enclosed spaces of civilisation and relief from hectic everyday life. But the architecture of a home in the forest can be very different to that of an urban building – in fact, it has to be. Your refuge needs to blend into its wild surroundings, forming a bond and understanding with them. The Forest House, a three-storey home built in the Polish forests outside of Warsaw in 2018, blends in with the wild flora thanks to a perfect balance between delineation and assimilation. This is most clearly reflected in the materials used in the construction and the visual call-backs between the inside and the outside that run through all three floors of the building. The house offers around 250 m²… continue

Lumine by Canuch | Office facilities

Lumine Co., Ltd. is an operator of commercial facilities in and around the Tokyo area, targeting women in their 20s and 30s. We conducted a large-scale renovation of their offices, the first in 20 years, with the objectives of promoting communication between departments and with the shop floor, creating an environment where staff can express themselves flexibly and focus on creative work, and building on reforms of working practices to improve operational efficiency. In order to solve the problem of a lack of horizontal communication between departments, we removed physical barriers and placed a flexible shared space, known as a "campfire", in the middle of the office to act as a hub. In addition, as zoning to encourage incidental communication and promote activity-based working, we moved the drink stand and print station next to each other. The campfire encompasses multiple functions. As well as installing a news stand and library where people can catch up on the latest trends a… continue

Nebel bar by Focketyn Del Rio Studio | Bar interiors

Expanding the existing with sleek insertions, focketyn del rio studio designs a playground for late night revelers. The collectively designed Nebel Bar has become a new beacon for late-night culture in an already vibrant scene. A union of the existing and the novel, this bar was recently renovated and extended with an annex. Nebel Bar is situated in Kleinbasel, the energetic and hip neighborhood of Basel, Switzerland. Initially inaugurated in 2016, it has recently been extended to include an annex featuring an intimate dance-floor. Reopening in the Fall of 2018, Nebel has established itself as one of the prime late night spots for creative professionals of Basel and beyond. FOCKETYN DEL RIO Studio was approached to create and develop a new spatial identity together with Hofmacher, the cultural collective behind Nebel. Active in the city's nightlife scene for many years, the client found a space corresponding with their reputation for producing unique and intimate events and col… continue

PULS Vario by Evolution Design | Office facilities

In March 2018, the Swiss architecture and design studio Evolution Design created a 1000sq metre office for PULS Vario, the Vienna-based, R&D subsidiary of German engineering firm PULS. The office space is specifically designed to enable this hightech team to focus on innovation. ‘Innovation and creativity can’t simply be produced on demand. These are processes that have to be enabled and supported. Our design is based on the principles of how innovation occurs to ensure it supports the people who work there in coming up with new ideas and new products,’ says Evolution Design executive director Stefan Camenzind. <b>Working together</b> The office concept is based on the Vierkanthof, a traditional Austrian farmhouse structure arranged around a square courtyard where various experts work closely together to achieve common goals. Evolution Design translated this concept into a workplace with four main zones – RETREAT, DIALOGUE, CREATE and SHARE – each tailored to support different… continue

The Canopy at the Barnes / Alléesoid by Shiftspace | Installations

A 300-foot long site-specific spatial installation for the Barnes Foundation. The client was interested in activating the underutilized public portions of the site, which were acting as a barrier to entry for the museum. The concept-driven project proposed a transformation of the visual barrier into an occupiable space. After exploring pedestrian barriers, the design team began experimenting with typical construction fencing materials. The material was transformed into catenary tubes formed by rolling and fastening the material lengthwise. A weaving and tiered pattern swoops down to create a ceiling plane and then rises up into the tree canopy to create both intimate and sprawling spatial experiences. Due to the porous and lightweight nature of the material, the installation is dynamic as it is affected by sunlight, wind, and visual layering. Beneath the mesh canopy, cafe seating, picnic areas, lounge areas and a bocce court were added to further activate the space. The Barnes Foun… continue

Villa Lakeside by swissFineLine | Manufacturer references

Die grandiose Aussicht auf das angrenzende Seeufer ist überwältigend und berauschend. Barrierefreiheit von innen nach aussen ermöglicht eine maximale Mobilität und Bewegungsfreiheit. Wohn- und Esszimmer sind offen und über die bodengleichen Fenster, die sich fast komplett öffnen lassen, mit Blick nach aussen angeordnet. Die Weitläufigkeit des Wohnbereichs scheint sich nahtlos mit der eindrucksvollen Natur zu verbinden. Eric Kuster continue