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The Olive Tree House by Eva Sopeoglou | Detached houses

The client brief for this small summer house located in Sithonia, Halkidiki, Greece called for a low-maintenance weekend home located on a pristine olive grove hill overlooking the sea, and beyond towards the famous monasteries of Mount Athos. The project is highly experimental and employs cutting-edge digital CAD/CAM technology in an innovative way. All building components were pre-fabricated, nevertheless, the design itself carefully considered the sun’s position to provide shading and to complement the views. The 3m by 7m rectangular plan is aligned to the cardinal points and it is sub-divided into smaller rooms. A corridor connects these spaces but also aligns with the adjacent olive trees which, thus, become integral to the house’s layout. The exterior envelope is a lightweight metallic surface which wraps around and it is movable, to provide maximum flexibility. The envelope’s perforated textile-like pattern is inspired by the shade of the olive trees. As the sun moves during… continue

Tour Maubourg 2 by Camille Hermand Architectures | Living space

Situated in the heart of Paris, in the district of ‘Invalides’, this traditional Haussmannian family home was remodelled and designed by Camille Hermand Architectures to accommodate a young family. On the 4th floor of a typical Parisian apartment block, it boasts a large double siting room looking onto the street, a spacious bespoke kitchen looking over a leafy courtyard, and three bedrooms and an office discreetly situated to the rear of the property. Mixing traditional Haussmannian influences like its parquet flooring and original decorative floor and ceiling moldings with muted tones and vibrant colour blocks, Hermand creates an elegant and bohemian family home, with contemporary twists. Unexpected patterns and colours, like the Pierre Frey and Bien Fait wallpapers in the bedrooms, give the home an up-beat and cheerful edge. In the bathroom, the traditional cement tiling is modernised with a delicate yet graphic motif. Camille Hermand Architectures continue

Wahat Al Karama Memorial by bureau proberts | Monuments/sculptures/viewing platforms

Wahat Al Karama Memorial is not just a monument and pavilion of honour in Abu Dhabi, it’s a testament to the creative collaboration between artists and architects. The expressive union shared by Brisbane-based architecture firm bureau^proberts and design consultancy Urban Art Projects (UAP), has culminated in their project being shortlisted at this year’s World Architecture Festival in the ‘Civic and Community - Completed Building’ category. bureau^proberts director Liam Proberts said his team joined the project to help realise the vision of the memorial for British artist Idris Khan. “Idris Khan is one of Britain’s most important interdisciplinary artists. It was extraordinary to be able to work alongside him on a project of such magnitude,” Liam commented. “The conceptual direction of the project was conceived by Idris to create a park for reflection on loss and remembrance; a spiritual place that conveyed unity and support. This would be embodied in the monument, however as ou… continue

Jingshan Boutique Hotel by Continuation Studio | Hotels

This is a project that started from engaging with the site. The site is located up on a mountain ridge, next to a reservoir’s dam. There was previously a two-story “San-Ho-Yuan” style dormitory block built back in the 1980s, with a courtyard surrounded by the concave form of the block. There stands an ancient pine in the centre serves as the heart of the courtyard, with its dense canopy covering half of the courtyard and part of the building. Meanwhile, the historical context of the site, to the north of the Jing-Shan Mountain that once gestated the Zen tea ceremony, has prepared it with a deep historical and cultural ambiance. As a result, to preserve the courtyard structure as well as the ancient pine, in order to generate its potential spatial spirit, has been established as our design proposition. Through the study of the surrounding landscapes, the decision was made to reduce the height of the west side of the building to one story, providing the courtyard and the rest of… continue

Water Recipe Garden by Inside Outside studio | Gardens

The idea for the garden is to consider it as a collection of habitats, planted with indigenous trees, shrubs, flowering plants and bulbs - tolerant of heat, salty wind and draught – that will react to a carefully measured gradational water system that is organized in north-south direction; thus providing a rich variety of gardens, from green and lush to sculptural and dry. Species from other countries of the same hardiness zone as Qatar will be mixed in strategically, to add form, shadow, scent and color effects. As the future garden is, in fact, a floating stone and steel plate above a parking lot of the same size, it does not offer full soil to its planting. The given ‘roof top’ situation allows for a maximum of 1200 mm soil depth only. To create the garden that we envision, we lay down a regular system of square planters over the flat, hard roof surface, that gradually change in size, height and distance in north to south direction. The generous sizes of the planting beds – f… continue

The Pool House by Luigi Rosselli Architects | Detached houses

The wraparound swimming pool plays the starring role in these alterations and additions and becomes the architectural pivot that binds one hundred years of history. The organic two-storey addition at the back of a single storey 1910 cottage is surrounded by a swimming pool and the water is the focus that holds the two distinct sections of the house together. By extending the front veranda out to the side of the original cottage it provides a tandem carport, reinforcing the street presence and proportions. Old building techniques were adopted to construct this section, while at the rear cantilevered technology, motorised sliding louvre screens and large plate glass windows give this house a very liveable, comfortable addition. The substantial cantilevered first floor master bedroom provides shade and a rainproof cover to the outdoor terrace, an elliptical stair connects the old and the new: the first floor bedrooms and the ground floor spaces. Awards: Randwick City Urban De… continue