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Headfoneshop by Batay-Csorba Architects | Shop interiors

Headfoneshop is a 300 sq ft  retail fit out for high-end headphones, earphones, amps and audio accessories. Located on the main floor of a 42-story mixed use tower with direct subway access to Toronto’s Yonge and Sheppard station.   The owner, a passionate audio expert, challenges the typical retail store experience of focusing solely on the product and efficiency of the transaction for maximizing turnover. Instead, the design objective was to celebrate the ritual of listening to music and the process of testing. The intimate, dark and tactile atmosphere and sense of domestic scale give customers a quiet and lounge—like atmosphere to relax while listening to music. It’s not uncommon for customers to spend several hours pairing systems and listening to music. Dark smoked oak millwork and herringbone flooring, sensuous velvet upholstery, soft amber lighting and patinaed brass fittings create a dark and subdued palette that curate a quiet, moody ambience. In contrast, 255 powder-c… continue

Mussler Notino by DIA - Dittel Architekten | Shop interiors

DIA – Dittel Architekten has developed, designed and implemented the first of 10 stores planned in Germany for Mußler Beauty by Notino. The concept aims to bring the online-offline brand symbiosis to life in this space whilst promoting and expanding customer loyalty. Mußler Beauty, Stuttgart’s traditional perfumery, and Notino, Europe’s leading online retailer for beauty care, merged to benefit from their expertise in stationary and online trade. As online business grows, so does the need for service, advice and product experience. Mußler Beauty by Notino is a good example of new thinking within the business. DIA offers its own interpretation of the consumer of tomorrow in its store design, showing a future-oriented path of transformation in its architecture and design. The holistic brand experience is the focus of the design concept. Everything revolves around what the consumer is looking for in stationary retail: individualization, emotionality, social exchange and exclusivit… continue

House 13 by Studio Octopi | Living space

‘House 13’ near Clapham Common is a 4 bedroom house situated amidst the Victorian & Edwardian suburban terraces that cover 280 acres between Wandsworth and Clapham Common. Between 1850 and 1920 this area was almost entirely built over. The tighter-packed terraces that sprung up around Clapham Common housed more tradespeople and others of the lower-middle classes. In recent years the due to the small gardens and the increasing demand for additional family space, basement extensions have become the norm. The limited natural light and complex engineering for these projects have created a generic that is bland and often of limited long term value to the property. Design Brief In 2013 Studio Octopi were first approached by the client to design a new basement extension. The client’s brief was straightforward. A guest bedroom, shower room, utility room and playroom. Natural lighting and a positive connection with the existing house were identified as key drivers for the design. Studio O… continue

Richview Residence by Studio AC | Living space

For the Richview Residence, Studio AC was tasked with creating a concept that maintained an open layout while housing as much storage as possible for this growing family. The Richview project was a full interior renovation to reimagine the function of a home from its 50-year-old layout, broken up into small rooms, to its modern day counterpart, an open, functional and intimate layout. This project presented itself first as an essay in re-definition, in the sense that the existing layout remained essentially in-tact. The design challenge was how to open the spaces up and artfully choreograph movement between them. This was achieved by introducing a linear organizing element in the form of a ‘support spine’ that contains storage, structure, mechanical, plumbing…. heck even the kitchen sink! To allow movement across the plan, openings in this spine are marked with grand 12” wide white oak flooring that switches in orientation and runs up the walls and ceiling, celebrating that moment.… continue

Garden Wall House by Sarah Kahn Architect | Detached houses

The project involved the insertion of a new 3-bedroom residence as a second dwelling on the lot, adjacent to an existing garage on large block in Carlton North. The block itself was a complex site with the existing garage and studio building to one edge surrounded by lane ways, a large double-storey heritage terrace house facing the principal street front to the eastern side and the remaining land an overgrown, rambling garden that was too large to be properly maintained by the owner and lacked connection to the main house. The owner wanted a simple, flexible and sunlit home, in which she could remain living alone happily and safely well into old-age, to be inserted into the unused garden space. The new home had to sit alongside the existing studio/garage building, allow for direct entry to the second dwelling from the lane way plus maintain access into the garage and to the studio above whilst retaining sunlight in the existing studio room, where the owner worked. A keen gardener, continue

Hotel Ambassadori by Roberti Rattan reference projects | Manufacturer references

An oasis of relaxation in the historical centre of a lively capital: the SPA of the Hotel Ambassadori in Tiblisi, Georgia. The renovation and expansion of the Hotel Ambassadori, a 5* hotel in the centre of Tblisi, has been planned by the Design Studio D73 Arch. Marco Vismara & Arch. Andrea Viganò and includes a classic and tasteful SPA where the "Made in Italy" is the most important player. The Chaise longue Caribe performs perfectly elegance and comfort in the poolside. Studio D73 Architetti Marco Vismara e Andrea Vigano continue