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Geometry Global by Midgard Licht | Manufacturer references

For the Hamburg branch of brand activation agency Geometry Global, PLY Atelier developed a varied and modern workspace based on a capacious open plan concept covering more than 2,000 square metres of floor space. There are also different types of separate rooms into which one can withdraw for official meetings with clients, for team meetings or for informal brainstorming sessions with colleagues. Furthermore, there is an arena for larger events such as presentations and a library for quiet and focused work. The space also features several kitchens and lounge areas. Altogether perfect conditions for an open work culture, which comes very close to creating a quality of life that feels like ‘home’. The interior fittings underline the agency’s open approach and culture, bringing the different disciplines closer together. Also developed by PLY, a sustainable and energy-saving lighting concept, entirely based on LEDs, provides flexible and warm illumination. Employees can individually adjust… continue

Deloitte Digital by Midgard Licht reference projects | Manufacturer references

Located in a former arms factory, this functional-creative and atmospheric workspace features impressive joists and has a room height of more than four metres in certain parts. The open-plan digital studio caters to different use scenarios based on project work. This highly functional office design is tailored to modern ways of working and to open team and communication structures. The different spaces meet the requirements for contemporary concepts of quality in both life and work, which is also reflected in the lighting design: the architects have used the height-adjustable K 831 lamp from Midgard in different colours. With its rotatable and tiltable reflector, the K 831 is perfect for flexible workstations as it allows adjusting the light according to individual preferences. The Midgard Modular 501 lamp is used in the co-working area. Property owner/ Client: Deloitte Digital Architect: PLY ATELIER continue

Ponte Vecchio Apartment by Pierattelli Architetture | Living space

The Italian studio Pierattelli Architetture has designed a little jewel in the heart of Florence: an iconic apartment, with an unparalleled view of Ponte Vecchio “Old Bridge”. A big window looks out on to one of the most famous views in the world, the medieval stone arch bridge of Ponte Vecchio, as though a picture of the city had been painted there in the living room. Pierattelli Architetture has created this charming residence for a family of Italian entrepreneurs. The location is out of this world and its unique view represents a stunning frame through which to enjoy the city without being suffocated by it. The apartment is located in via dei Bardi, in the heart of Florence, and occupies 130 square meters on one floor. It is based on an interior design project characterised by an approach to comfort that is able to return quality without displaying it. Attention to detail emerges from the furnishings: all handmade and bespoke by local craftsmen. The interiors are dom… continue

Bijouterie Monsieur by Midgard Licht | Manufacturer references

The latest store of „Bijouterie Monsier“, the popular jeweller for handcrafted and custom-made jewellery, is located in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris. Spanish architect Julien Fajardo (Sugar) was commissioned to design the salon sur mesure: he has created an elegant retail space featuring gold-coloured wall panelling and fine woods. Modular Midgard lamps masterfully illuminate the jewellery. Special wall brackets have been developed for this exclusive retail space to allow the lamps’ adjustable arms to be mounted horizontally across the workstations’ surface. Property owner/ Client: Bijouterie Monsieur Architect: Julien Fajardo (Sugar) continue

Piano Office Center by CMC Architects | Office buildings

The PIANO posits itself on a primary EAST-WEST, NORTH-SOUTH crossing, just South of the Old Town, where the urbanism transitions into solitaires and groups of objects with similar functions. Seven varied geometric lines of movement intersect, cross, collide and run parallel here, which all relate to places, points of significance, transition and axial views. This ‘phenomenology’ of place we found as a catalyst for design and volumetric ‘morphing’ of the object now called the ‘PIANO’ (originally Manes Office Center). CMC Architects continue

Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Subway Station by Grimshaw Architects | Infrastructure buildings

Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) Station, the terminal station of the Toronto York-Spadina Subway Extension was completed and opened to the public in December 2017. This exciting addition to Toronto’s Line 1 will offer a memorable commuter experience that’s also responsive to the emerging urban centre in the City of Vaughan. Connecting riders to downtown Toronto and points beyond, the new station creates new connectivity and increased transit options for a fast-growing part of the region. Working under Arup, Prime Consultant, and alongside Architect of Record Adamson Associates and artist Paul Raff, Grimshaw has developed a unique design that’s both artful and functional. Working with the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), City of Vaughan, and other stakeholders to develop an appropriate plan, the VMC station was conceived as a transit mobility hub and precursor to expanding mixed-use development at the site. Grimshaw was challenged to imagine a new city around the station and… continue