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KFW Bankengruppe Berlin by AOS | Manufacturer references

In a residential area in the district of Möhringen in Stuttgart, the newly built Element-i Kindergarten "Bärcheninsel", which was realized in 2016, offers 100 children between the ages of 1 and 6 a protected place to study and play. A good room acoustics and the reduced sound pressure level in the rooms, war achieved with the use of a suspended acoustic ceiling, in conjunction with AOS acoustic elements. The reduced ambience leaves plenty of room for inspiration and creativity and the AOS acoustic solutions add colorful accents. Konzept-e für Bildung und Soziales GmbH Wankelstr. 1 70563 Stuttgart Theo Härtner, Kazu Ito - Stuttgart continue

Aufstockung Im Stubaital by Snow. Architecture | Detached houses

The project in Stubai is another example for the importance of a philosophy and an initial idea behind every single project. Since the owners of the house are personally and professionally engaged with the Tyrolean mountains the main principle was to broadcast this special bond they have with the Alps. The central thought of the project is to provide the path to a summit cross which can was visualised with the shape of the roof. This shape was constructed in a way that provides tremendous views from each direction – just as if you were enjoying the view from the summit cross of a mountain. The contours of the roof are building a free from which creates a dynamic look for the whole project. The summit cross is a visual component and the extensive integration of green areas are a perfect match for the mountainous area surrounding the building. The façade was divided into two parts to strengthen the edgy structure of the roof. Moreover, the overall shape was kept as clear and extensi… continue

Idea Public Co-Working Area by B&T Design reference projects | Manufacturer references

IDEA is a new public co-working area in Istanbul. It is a project of Kadikoy Municipality in order to re-define and re-design the public buildings for the new needs of city life. This building is designed for the students, free-lancers, academicians, writers, all type of people who need a calm and efficient working space, which is supported by technological items such as; computers, printers, etc. Sized about 1000 square meter, the co-working area consists of a working area, meeting, training and activity areas, a bistro, a children playground and a garden. The design team expressed that the location of the building had a lot of effect on the interior design process. The color of the furniture, materials and the arrangement plan of the working spaces are inspired from the Bosphorus. The designers stated; “We believe that a pleasant sea view brings out a very positive and creative mood in people while they are working, thinking, reading or brainstorming” B&T Design cooperated with… continue

Malt & Juniper by Sans-Arc Studio | Bar interiors

An intimate gin & whisky bar. Paying homage to classic cocktail bars of yesteryear, Malt & Juniper is moody, slightly modernist and a bit botanical. What was the brief? The brief was for a romantic, moody space, where patron comfort is key. A requirement was an over-sized back bar to house an elaborate liquor collection and a sliding ladder to access the upper reaches. We started with these two elements; the bar as a moment of theatre and grandeur, surrounded by booths where occupants can tuck in and hideaway in the darkness. M&J’s offering inspired a botanical twist to the space, the resultant design balances modernist influences in timber panelling and stucco render with green marble and indoor planting. The space itself is narrow, with a mezzanine to the rear. The bar dominates the space, with a suspended planter, mirrors and varied lighting creating depth, layering and a sense of openness in a small footprint. A limited budget went a long way, with the client as project manager… continue

Hilda-Gymnasium by LTS reference projects | Manufacturer references

Light for Learning LTS products for the Hilda secondary school in Pforzheim Non scholae, sed vitae discimus – We do not learn for school, but for life. With a new building for a full-time school with a three-field sports hall for an audience of 2,000, the city of Pforzheim sets a motivating sign to get closer to this goal. The façade alone with its generous glass surface area perks up tired students by the high amount of daylight in the classrooms. Fresh pastel green colour on floors, in staircases and on furniture spreads an energetic atmosphere flowing like a green ribbon throughout the school building. The other building areas are characterized by unobtrusive fair-face concrete, leaving the colourful goings-on to the students. Numerous studies have meanwhile shown that light and learning are in a direct relationship. "Concentration can be raised significantly with the appropriate lighting concept", reports Götz Biller, Managing Director of the Rossmann + Partner achitect… continue

Dermatologie Praxis Rappjderm by Susanne Fritz Architekten | Doctors' surgeries

Der Erfolg der beiden jungen Ärzte, welche die Dermatologie Praxis rappjderm in Rapperswil Jona vor 5 Jahren gründeten, verlangte nach neuen, größeren Räumlichkeiten. In einem nahegelegenen Wohn- und Geschäftshaus wurde ein 300 m2 grosse Rohbaufläche in eine hochwertige und technisch hochmoderne Praxis mit Praxis OP, Labor, Apotheke und Röntgenraum ausgebaut. Die grössere Fläche erlaubte es nun Doppelsprechzimmer für drei Ärzte zu realisieren. Zwei getrennte Wartezimmer ermöglichen es, Patienten gerecht zu werden, die mehr Privatsphäre wünschen. Schönheit, Natürlichkeit, Gesundheit und modernste Medizin stellten die Grundlagen für das Gestaltungskonzept der Dermatologischen Praxis, die ästhetische wie dermatologische Kunden gleichermassen ansprechen sollte. Bei der Materialwahl wurden deshalb in der Kombination Holz-Beton-Gold sowohl schlichte und naturbelassene sowie veredelte und elegante Oberflächen angewendet. Die Räumlichkeiten wurden entlang einer zentralen Erschließung a… continue