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Area Benessere Manhattan Fitness de Graniti Fiandre reference projects

After more than 20 years of uninterrupted service, the Manhattan fitness centre has closed down a whole section for renovation, for the first time in its history. Following the work, the wellness area in the Manhattan-Nord fitness centre in Vienna’s Heiligenstadt district now offers members advanced features such as high-tech tiles with antibacterial properties capable of reducing air pollution and the authentic Finnish sauna atmosphere created by cooling with crash ice and light passing through crystals. Viennese interior designer Alice Koller (wonderland interieurdesign) designed this wellness wonderland in the Manhattan centre in pursuit of the motto "pure relaxation". Visitors who step over the threshold of the new Manhattan-Nord wellness area do not see the roofs of Vienna before them but the skyline of Manhattan, New York. Photographs of the Manhattan skyline are backlit to reproduce the transition from day to night. “Our new wellness area stands outside of time. Visitors can take a break from their daily routine to immerse themselves in a relaxing wonderland at any time. The transition from sunrise to sunset is a way of escaping the routine of daily life,” explains Gerhard Span, manager of the Manhattan fitness centres. The theme is intentionally reflected in the design of the sauna area, according to designer Alice Koller: "The use of luminous cylinders hanging from the ceiling like pick-up sticks symbolises letting go, and the cascades of light give the lounge area a relaxing feel". A short break at the seaside Light passing through crystals induces a feeling of wellbeing. The lighting is designed not only to create the right atmosphere in the new Manhattan fitness centre lounge but to exert an effect of wellness. The sauna cabins, for example, are lit up with mineral light.

Concert hall Toni Areal by Dukta | Architonic

The wall panelling of the large concert hall of the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) was realised using dukta LINAR. The architects chose the dukta acoustic panels because they offer unique design possibilities and excellent properties in terms of sound absorption and diffusion. Material: dukta-LINAR, MDF coated Architects: EM2N, Zürich Züricher Hochschule der Künste (ZHdK) Toni Areal